Make memories with a little fishing trip

05/11/2017 Craig Joyner

With a few remaining days of school left before the bunch scatters, round up some of the neighborhood kids for a fishing trip. I’m sure that with a little effort and a telephone call or two, you can round up a small group for a trip to the local fishing hole. You can probably handle three or four, can’t you? That won’t be too many. Maybe you can get one or two of your fishing buddies to help.

A couple of things to consider, though:

  1.  First, be sure that the equipment works. Children have no patience or skill to deal with tangles, backlashes or unworkable gear. The Georgia DNR actually has loaner programs to equip the needy. I’m sure you can gather up some stuff between you and your friends.
  2.  Second, use live bait. With the absence of learned or practiced fishing techniques with plastics and such, live bait is heartily suggested. The deal is that even if the fish aren’t biting, a sleeve of crickets, a box or worms or a paper sack of spring lizards will entertain your wards for hours.
  3.  How about the destination? Pick a state park. Ig you are in Georgia, contact the Georgia DNR. They have lakes at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center near Covington, GA that are stocked heavily with catchable critters and are reserved just for children groups.
  4. Remember, you don’t have to try for a state record Bass; a few tugs from a bream or catfish will suffice nicely. Your best headquarters will be a bank or pier on a pond. Boats are NOT advised for this type of trip.
  5. Take a small grill and heat up hot dogs for lunch. The little fishermen will get hungry and will not want to stop fishing to eat.
  6.  Finally, don’t make it all day. A few hours one morning, before it gets too hot, will do. Four hours at the most will do nicely.

With a catch or two, the kids you take fishing will proudly tell everyone at school when they return. They will feel like their summer was worthwhile and that you thought they were important enough to take on a fishing adventure.


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