Keep Your Phone in the Green: Battery Conservation Tips

01/21/2015 lswaney

 This is a re-post of one of our favorites…thanks to Kimberly Grant.

Many of the cellular devices that we depend on daily do more than simply enable us to talk, text and email. They help us find our way when we’re lost, follow our favorite celebs and teams, journal our lives on social networks, entertain us and keep us up to the second on important news and weather. No matter what you’re batteryusing your phone to do, you can try these battery conservation tips to improve your battery performance. Even for users who use basic phone features like PTT, cell and text messaging, here are some popular features that put a real strain on your phone’s battery.

• VibraCall – the vibrating phone left unattended can sound like the soft mooing of a cow. Try limiting the use of the vibration feature to times when you’re in an establishment where ringing phones are frowned upon.

• Notifications and Alerts – Missed calls, messages, calendar reminders, clock alarms and PTT alerts keep your phone in an active state. A speedy response to the blinking lights and other indicators will keep you in the green longer.

• Screen brightness – I’ll agree that 100% bright can improve readability but try stepping it down a notch or using the automatic brightness feature. The auto bright feature detects light levels and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly.

• Screen time out – How much time passes before the screen goes dark after you use it? I recommend setting the time out period to less than 30 seconds or pressing the end call button to reduce the time out period. Combine this with a lower screen brightness setting and you will notice an immediate increase in the battery performance. In addition to the items above, smart phones have a unique set of power tools that demand more resources than other cell phones.

• Wi-Fi – When you’re not using Wi-Fi, it is best to turn the Wi-Fi off to save energy. Maintaining a constant connection or searching for an available Wi-Fi network prevents the phone from idling.

• Background data – Apps that sync, send and receive data at any time can rapidly deplete your battery.

• Automatic Updates – Regular updates on phone apps are common and you may receive several update notifications at the same time. There are two options when performing app upgrades – manual or automatic. If you prefer the convenience of automatic updating for your favorite apps consider the manual setting for those apps that you rarely use. This allows you to control when or if those updates occur and to be ready with a battery supply as needed. You may also consider a task killer app and simply restarting your phone can help. Most smart phones also come with energy management tools like these:

• Running Services – view and control currently running services

• Battery Use – what has been using the battery? If you are still in need of a plan B, it never hurts to be prepared with a travel charger or a spare battery. Remember, whenever your phone is not in an idle, standby mode, it’s working and using power and just a few simple changes will keep you in the green.

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