Have you tried fishing in Canada?  If you haven’t…do!

09/01/2016 Craig Joyner

Arrival by Otter float planeLooking for a Canadian fishing experience?  Carroll Lake is six thousand pristine acres of clear water in the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park on the border between Ontario and Manitoba.  Take a look at the Carroll Lake Lodge website,, and see what I mean.

At Carroll Lake, you’ll be catching Walleyes up to about 24 inches with most being 14 to 18 or so. After getting the knack of it, you’ll probably catch and release about 50 or so per day.  To catch Northern Pike there, you’ll cast into the weedy coves around the grass and lily pads with a spinnerbait (doesn’t matter what color as long as it chartreuse) or a weed-less spoon and trailer.  Most of the Northern will be 22 to 28 inches with an occasional gangster topping 30 to 48 inches.  You’ll catch about 40 per boat per ½ day.   With about 100 catches per day you’ll love fishing on Carroll Lake.

Fishing gear?   As you read this, take note, I’m a minimalist and will use a little as possible.  Road Runners, Gold ½ ounce weed-less spoons and 100 curly tail plastics in white.   You can use the plastics on the jigs and spoons. Two light action spinning rods wound with 6 or 8-pound mono and two free spools with 12 or 14-pound test.

Don’t forget the following gear: a couple of sets of pliers, one for each fisherman in the boat, heavy gauge mouth spreaders, and 12 inch thirty-pound test wire leaders for the Northern and a satellite phone just in case.  Don’t bring anything with treble hooks.  You don’t want to be digging out multi-hook baits from a big Northern Pike’s toothy grin.  Bring along some Bug Band bands, lotions and sprays.  The mosquitos there are professionals.  I say that but using the Bug Band stuff, I’m never been stung.

What else do you need to know?  Telephone my radio show at 800-wsb-talk on Saturday mornings from 4 to 6AM eastern and I’ll tell you all about it.


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