Get Ready For Inclemental Weather

11/06/2015 lswaney

Driving in inclement weather requires proper planning.

Be sure to check your car or truck for regular maintenance, do some pre-trip planning and learn specific driving skills to help you safely navigate.
Be sure to pack a bag of essentials just in case you get stuck.


Create a Winter Survival kit –  essentials

•     Battery jumper cables

•    Abrasive material, such as sand or cat litter
•    Cloth or a roll of paper towels
•    Snow shoes or boots
•    Cell phone and charger
•    Water and Snacks
•     Ice scraper and flashlight

Bad Weather Driving Tips

Be Mentally Prepared For Inclement Weather:
• Leave earlier for your destination
• Use main roads whenever possible
• Expect traffic to travel at a slower pace

The Key is Visibility:
• Clear off snow and ice from your vehicle before starting out
• At intersections, pull up farther to increase visibility
• Switch headlights on low beam to avoid glare

How to Prevent Skidding

• Avoid using cruise control in wet weather driving conditions
• Pay attention to “hot spots”: bridges, ramps and elevated highways.
• Be alert for “Black Ice.”
• Avoid unusual driving maneuvers that could induce a skid
• E ase up on the accelerator, keep a firm grip on wheel, and steer in the direction of slide.
• Do not hit the brakes.

Increase Your Following Distance

• Slow down and increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
• Don’t be afraid to shift into a lower gear to reduce speed



Keep Your Vehicle in Tip Top Shape


• Check your tires and replace if need be or repair as necessary
• Add Maximum inflation as it improves vehicle control
• Sufficient tire tread allows water to escape and prevents hydroplaning

Heating System

• Check radiator hoses for cracks and leaks
• Check fan belts for cracks and wear
• Test defroster, heater and rear window defogger for proper operation

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