Get Better Then Pass it On

05/04/2016 Craig Joyner

grandsonI’m asked often, “How can I become a better fisherman?” My answer is always the same, ‘Go’. Easy answer wasn’t it. Easy, but not complete.

OK, here goes. If it is bass fishing in which you want to be more skilled, then join a bass club. You’ll be going with someone who will be doing his best to catch the most he can using his skills developed over years. Secondly, you’ll be going during times and to places that will test those talents as they grow, good weather, bad weather, cold, hot, windy, muddy, etc. Wanna be better at catching Crappie, Bream, Trout, Stripers, Reds, Tarpon? There are many articles and books but it’s not like going and going often.

Sounds tough doesn’t it? It is, but still you asked so there it is.

Beyond bass fishing, which it mostly is, the answer, no matter what the quest, no matter what the level, it’s always about going, going and going.

Easier? Sure, but you gotta do it.

Can you become the new Kevin Van Dam and probably win the Bassmaster’s Classic Championship? Maybe! Maybe not! Some guys just are made differently that the rest of us. I play golf occasionally but it will not matter how many lessons I may take (never had one), Tiger and I are not going to be playing the final round together at the TPC. They, long term champions, understand it all better and more completely no matter what the task, they live in a different world. But let me ask, do you recall any ‘Bassmaster’s Classic Winners’ that subsequently fell from success the following year? I do, many in fact, both young and old, never to rise again.

What happened?

They stopped fishing and started the promotional tour; dinners, trade show appearances, consumer gatherings and soon it was over for them.

Then too, there’s much to know about the habits of the fish. What does the fish do when his habitat changes? What govern his travels or his position in the lake or stream. Current? How does effect your success? What’s going on with the fish under the water is actually more important than what you’re doing above the surface. We could go on and on and possibly should but I think you get what I have to say on this subject.

OK, what else can we talk about? Let’s expand and turn the tables. Are you already a good, experienced, knowledgable fisherman satisfied with his success and enjoys the adventures? Good. Now what? Pass it on to a youngster. Take him or her, offer to be a mentor.

Have you been proud or your growth? Good again, but if you really want satisfaction, take a kid and watch the skills grow with him or her.

It’s ever more rewarding.


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