Five ways to make this whitetail deer season your very best.

09/21/2017 Craig Joyner
  1. Gone HuntingTake it seriously. Deer camp is a social occasion and you’ll make the best of it but just a little bit of consideration using basic principles can make it more productive. If deer camp is all you care about, that’s OK, but if the viewing and harvesting of a championship buck or lots of tasty venison from a mature doe is your target, then take the hunt seriously. How? Use attractants, cover your own scent, use the wind, sight in your rifle properly, go early, stay late and go often.  Is this season to be a weekend at deer camp or a hunt. Think about it. You can do both.
  2. Put in a food plot, one that lasts year-round. You will see more deer and have many choices. All the animals, game and non-game will benefit. This gets you into the woods earlier and more often. Food is always their target so give them one.
  3. Take a child or a first-time hunter. Teaching either or both will heighten your skills, will remind you of all those things in paragraph 1. Don’t forget the insect repellents for the children. Mosquitos can be troublesome, ticks can make you sick. You may not attract bugs and may be immune to their invasion, but others may not. Insects can ruin the hunt. Use a naturally occurring repellent like Bug Band. That scent will keep you bug free but will not spook the deer.
  4. Scout the property and find the bedding areas, the food sources even if it’s not a food plot, remembering that the natural food for the whitetail deer is acorns. Locate the trails, migration routes, and finally, scout for the other critters you don’t want there like Coyotes and Hogs.  Pay to have them trapped out. The whitetail herd will flourish.
  5. Join a whitetail deer conservation group like QDMA. From the QDMA publications and seminars, you will find a wealth of information that will contribute to your understanding the animal and will remove the myths you have heard from others.

Good luck.


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