Don’t go fishing

08/14/2017 Craig Joyner

fishingLet’s figure this out now, it’s August, it’s hot so the fish are deep and you can find them easily, rain fell a few days ago so a little fresh water’s flowing in so they’ll bite. You’re all fired up after seeing that Irish looking fellow on television and listening to him on radio. Good.

However, even with all that stacked up in your favor, I don’t think you should go fishing this August. Say what? Let’s see now, you have the correct moon phase, freshwater, new techniques to explore and radio and television encouragement. I’m trying to learn new techniques myself. I think this is called reverse psychology, saying you shouldn’t go but really recommending you do. Phooey, I’ve discouraged myself and I don’t like it.

I can’t stand this so I’ll probably see you at the ramp.

Now about wild things.

I fully recognize that bears are not good neighbors. Knowing that, however, I wanted to see one so I put out an opened can of tuna on top of a woodpile up at the cabin. He stopped by but I didn’t see him. Must have been dark.

Isn’t it funny how much trouble people will go to just to see a wild thing like that? People go to zoos, watch Animal Planet on television and flock to movies with animals as central characters. Whales are especially watchable. Maui is a destination for that. I’ve been there and taken lots of photos of the place in the water where a Whale was a second ago.

Anyway, wild things. It’s an indication that, if you just give it a try; woods, waters and wilderness are close to the soul. A walk in the woods, the ghost-like sight of a whitetail deer, a hawk against a clear blue sky or a Dolphin in the surf, they’re all refreshing deep inside to everyone who’ll take part. Give it a try and see.


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