Catch more Crappie with a “Christmas Tree Rig”

02/21/2017 Craig Joyner

Christmas Tree RigYes, I know, it’s almost over, the deep brush Crappie fishing that is, but December – February will come around again next year and you should have an idea about what to do and where to go to catch big slab Crappie in Southern Reservoirs.  You’re gonna think I’m a bit ‘off’, but if you’ll just give this a try next season, you’ll catch more that you’ve ever caught before and they’ll be big and easy to reach with no boat, no long ride, no minnows to look after.

Think ‘Christmas Tree Rig’.  I don’t know how it got named that, but that’s what we call it.   Three feet up on a soft rod with six-pound line, rig a 1/32 oz. Road Runner with a bit of plastic.  It’s a start, but there’s more.   Twelve inches down, attach a #4 stand out hook.  Ever used one?  Makes a huge difference.  On that hook put a Fisher’s Choice Super worm or Meal worm.  On the tag end down another 12 inches, put another 1/32 oz. Road Runner with a little Fisher’s Choice Shrimp.  No plastic, just the shrimp.

Here’s magic of the Christmas Tree Rig–the top bait is an attractant and what the Crappie eat anyway.  Good! The middle bait on the ‘stand out’ is a scent spreader.   Don’t worry, it gets bites too but with the scent in the water, the Crappie will bite better and stick around longer to get caught. The bottom bait is a scent spreader AND holds the rig vertical.  You’re all set; three baits in the water, scent all around.

Now where?  Fish in the brush piles, of course.  Large commercial marinas on the major reservoirs across the South will work just fine.   It’s easy. You have to get permission from the marina owner, but if you’re nice and promise no drinking or shouting or partying, he’ll probably let you roam the dock and catch a bucket full. To make it even easier, borrow a portable fish finder with the transducer mounted on a pole.   You can go dock to dock, slip to slip, and soon you’ll find a gold mine of Crappie.

This rig will get you more bites and, if you are any good at it, catch more fish.


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